How do I schedule a tour of Koury Farms?
We typically have set days each week based on what events are scheduled that week. Just give us a call, and we will get a tour booked.

What plans are in place in case it rains the day of my wedding?
For starters, our outdoor ceremony pavilion has a 200-guest seating capacity and is covered, so the vast majority of our weddings are conducted outside, even on rainy days. If the weather were to somehow make an outdoor ceremony too difficult, our main barn venue is large enough to seat 200 guests for your wedding ceremony while simultaneously having space to setup tables for a 200-guest reception.

Does Koury Farms host multiple weddings on the same day?
No! We honor the fact that this is the bride’s special day, and we will only host one bride per day.

Are tables and chairs included in the venue rental price?
Yes. We provide tables and chairs for up to 200 guests. We have both round and rectangular tables, and you can choose to use all round, all rectangular, or use a combination of both.

Do I have to setup and teardown tables and chairs?
No! We will meet with you about 30 days before your event to get the general layout for your tables and chairs. We will have them setup for you upon your arrival the morning of your event. We will also be responsible for the teardown that evening.

Does Koury Farms have a preferred vendors list?
Yes, we have numerous preferred vendors that have previously worked at our facility and typically provide discounts to our Koury Farms brides. With the exception of our bartenders, there is no requirement to use any of these preferred vendors.

Do we have to take out the trash during our event?
No! Your selected caterer and bartender will be responsible for their trash, and we will be responsible for your event trash and cleanup.

Is Koury Farms handicap accessible?
Yes. All of our structures and restrooms are handicap accessible.

Does the Koury Farms venue have heat/ air conditioning?
Yes! Our main barn venue which is 4,100 square feet and has a 200 guest capacity has both heat and air conditioning. In fact, this building can be completely climate controlled with only 2 large capacity units, but we have 4 units to ensure your comfort. In addition, we also have a climate-controlled Wine Maker’s Villa, which is 1,200 square feet in size.

Does Koury Farms have any décor item that can be used? Is there a cost associated with that?
Yes! We have a prop closet that contains many items that can be borrowed for your wedding. There is no additional charge for using these items.

Can we use our own caterer? Is there a fee if we do?
Yes, you can use whatever caterer you want to. While we have preferred caterers and vendors, you can use whichever caterer you want to (with no fee to do so) provided they are licensed and insured.

Can we bring our own alcohol?
Yes. Our facility is geared around you providing your own alcohol. We do require you use one of our preferred bartenders to serve all alcohol.

Does Koury Farms have a two-day rental package?
Yes, we do! Our two day weekend rate is published on our website. If you are interested in a longer duration or if you need a multi-day rate during the week, please email us or give us a call at (706) 870-3987.

Is the parking at the venue site? Is it complimentary?
Yes. We have on-site parking for up to 200 guests. The parking is complimentary.

Are table linens provided in the venue rental price?
Linens are not included in our venue rental price. We always encourage our clients to first see if their selected caterer (or potentially other selected vendor) has linens already included in their price, or could be added to their price for a minimal price. This could potentially result in some savings to you. If you still need help or another linen price to consider, we have teamed with a larger linen company that will provide you with our corporate discount, and will provide you with a quote to consider.

Does Koury Farms have any all-inclusive packages?
While our core business model revolves around providing a venue that gives our clients flexibility in planning their special day; however, if requested, we do have the ability to develop an all-inclusive price to meet your needs. If you are interested in an all-inclusive package, please email us, or give us a call at (706) 870-3987. There are several details that we will need to discuss in order for us to pull that price together for you.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept cash, check, Zelle, and Venmo.

Does Koury Farms provide a Day-of-Coordinator service? If so, what is the cost for that service?
Yes. While many brides have a wedding planner or a selected wedding party member to help make sure their special day runs smoothly, some brides prefer to have someone else who is familiar with our venue help them to keep the wedding day running on time and per the plan of events identified by the bride. The price for this additional service is $250.