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Deciding whether to do a first look is a very personal decision but has been growing in popularity in recent years. In fact, according to The Knot, a survey conducted in 2017 revealed that 44% of couples did a first look prior to their ceremony. We have certainly found this to be holding true in our experience of weddings held here at Koury Farms. So we’ve decided to share some of our favorite first look photo inspiration and first look location ideas. 

The benefits of a first look

First off, let’s discuss why you might want to consider a first look on your wedding day. The main reasoning behind a first look is that couple portrait photos and group photos can be taken during this time, before the ceremony. This frees up more time for after the ceremony, allowing you to enjoy more of the cocktail hour and spend time with your guests.

Seeing your partner before the ceremony can also help ease pre-ceremony nerves and it can be a special time to exchange personal, heartfelt words or gifts without the pressure of an audience. Sharing this intimate moment together can provide comfort and emotional support, which can help you feel more relaxed throughout the day.

Where should you do a first look?

The location for a first look is a personal choice that depends on your preferences, the overall theme of your wedding, and the logistics of your venue. Here are some first look location ideas for photos here at Koury Farms:

First look at the ceremony site:

First set eyes on each other at the very spot you will host your wedding ceremony, under our covered pavilion. This is also a great option if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

First look location ideas - at the ceremony site at Koury farms

First look in the vineyards

Our beautiful vineyards are one of the most photographed spots on the farm, featuring sweeping rows of Villard-Blanc wine grapes. This is a very romantic setting for a first kook within the vines.

First look location ideas - with bride and groom in the vineyards at Koury farms weddings

First look overlooking the wooded area

Inspired by French countryside, we have plenty of romantic spots outside within the grounds of our venue, including lots of mature trees and shaded areas.

First look location ideas - overlooking the wooded area at Koury Farms Weddings

First look outside the white barn, the main reception space

Our white barn wedding venue provides the perfect setting for rustic, elegant first look photos. Use the buildings and doors as props and screens for a first touch.

First look and exchanging love notes outside bridal suite

How to make your first look special

The key to making your first look special is to infuse it with your personalities, emotions, and the unique aspects of your relationship. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime moment that sets the tone for the rest of your wedding day, so make it a reflection of your love story.

  • Some ideas include exchanging heartfelt letters or gifts to each other. This adds an extra layer of emotion and anticipation to the moment.
  • If there’s a prop that represents your relationship, such as a shared hobby or a memorable item, bring it along to add a personal touch to the first look. (See below for a couple that took shots from a personalized board!).
  • You could also plan a special surprise for your partner during the first look. This could be a song you perform, a talent you showcase, or something that symbolizes your relationship.
  • If you want to share the moment with someone close, consider having a close family member or friend join you for the first look. Their presence can add to the emotional atmosphere.
  • Take a moment before the first look to be present in the moment. Focus on your feelings, soak in your emotions and the significance of the occasion. You might also want to do a first touch first before you finally reveal yourselves. This can make the moment feel even more intimate and special.
  • Lastly, trust your photographer to capture the raw emotions of the first look and be genuine in your reactions; tears, smiles, and laughter are all part of the experience.
Bride and grooms reading love notes to each other
Bride and groom sharing a shot from a board
Bride and groom about to do a first look at North Georgia Vineyard wedding
First touches between bride and groom on the wedding day

First look photo ideas in North Georgia

If you prefer not to do a first look with your partner you could also consider first look photos with other people that mean something to you. These also make for some wonderful photos and magical moments to remember your special day. This could be when your bridal party see’s the bride for the first time or first looks with other family members or your parents. 

Choosing the perfect location for your first look is a wonderful opportunity to craft a truly unforgettable moment on your wedding day. 

First look photos of bride with father
reaction of bridesmaids to seeing the bride for the first time

Searching for first look location ideas?

Take a tour of our North Georgia wedding venue to find the perfect location for your first look on your wedding day!

First look location ideas at Koury Farms

September 11, 2023

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