Reasons to Choose our Wedding Venue With a Bridal Suite

Booking a wedding venue with a bridal suite can offer numerous advantages and enhance the overall experience of the wedding. Here at Koury Farms we ensure both the bride and groom have comfortable, dedicated spaces to get ready, offering a bridal suite as well as a groom suite situated in our beautiful bridal villa. In this post, we will cover what a bridal suite is, reasons to choose our wedding venue with a bridal suite plus some essentials to put in the bridal suite.

What is a bridal suite?

A bridal suite provides a dedicated space for the bride to get ready on the wedding day. 

Our bridal suite is a private, spacious area with great natural lighting, and luxurious amenities, comfortable seating and elegant decor. There are separate areas for hair and makeup, dressing, and relaxation, allowing everyone to have their own space, dress and move around comfortably.

Here’s our bridal suite must-haves:

  1. Adequate natural lighting for makeup application and photography. 
  2. A large full-length mirror. This is essential for the bride to see her complete bridal look and make any final adjustments before walking down the aisle.
  3. Well-lit dressing tables, comfortable chairs and a mirror are essential where the bride and her bridesmaids can do their makeup, hair, and add finishing touches.
  4. Comfortable seating options for the bride and her bridal party to relax and socialize during the preparations.
Make up station, large full length mirror and wedding dress hanging on a hanger
Seating areas in the bridal suite at Koury farms wedding venue

4 Reasons to choose our wedding venue with a bridal suite

When considering our North Georgia wedding venue, a bridal suite is a valuable addition, offering practicality, comfort, a touch of luxury and a special environment for the bride to enjoy her pre-wedding preparations. These are 4 main reasons to opt for our wedding venue with the bridal suite:

1. Convenience

When you book our venue with our bridal villa you are granted convenient access to other areas of the venue, such as the outdoor pavilion, the vineyards and the main reception space. These are just steps away which eliminates the need for the bridal party to travel between multiple locations, saving time, simplifying logistics and reducing stress.

2. Backdrop for wedding photos

With warm, natural lighting, elegant tones and stylish interior the bridal suite serves as an ideal backdrop for pre-wedding photos. 

3. Luxury Amenities

Our Bridal suite comes equipped with luxury amenities such as a full-length dressing mirror, 4 mirrored vanity tables stretching the length of the room, two lounge areas, a private restroom, and an abundance of hanging racks. At 1200 sq ft, It provides a completely private, spacious area for the bride, her bridesmaids, and close family members to hang out and move around freely in a comfortable, relaxed environment. 

4. Comfort, Space & Luxury

Wedding days can hold an element of stress and by having a dedicated bridal suite allows the bride to relax, stay organized, and have everything they need in one place. It also offers peace of mind, knowing that a comfortable and convenient space is available throughout the wedding day.

Bride having her make-up and hair done and looking at her dress in the mirror
make up stations and lounge area at koury farms wedding venue

Essential items to put in the bridal suite

When preparing the bridal suite, there are several essential items you may want to consider to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for the bride. Here are some things you may need in the bridal suite:

  • Steamer/Iron: To remove any wrinkles or creases from the wedding dress or other garments, a steamer or iron can be handy.
  • Dress Hangers: Have sturdy and attractive hangers to hang the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses. It helps keep the dresses organized and prevents any damage. They are also useful for dress photos. Don’t let your beautiful dress hang on anything less than the best!
  • Refreshments: This is a big one! Keep the bride and bridal party fed and hydrated and ensure that there is a selection of refreshing drinks and light snacks for them to enjoy while getting ready.
  • Champagne or Sparkling Wine: A bottle of champagne or sparkling wine is always a nice touch, and makes for great photos when popping the champagne and cheersing the bride. Don’t forget appropriate glassware and a bottle opener.
  • Device to play music:  Set up a sound system or speakers so the bride can enjoy her favorite music. Bonus points if you put together a playlist beforehand to minimize having to pick songs.
  • Bridal Emergency Kit: Put together an emergency kit that includes essentials like safety pins, clear nail polish, fashion tape, mints, tissues, pain relievers, extra perfume and make up and other items that might come in handy throughout the day.
  • Wedding Stationery & accessories: Have a copy of the wedding invitation suite, any other stationery items, as well as wedding rings, bridal accessories and the bouquet. This is not only important for the bride to have these ready to go, but also necessary for the photographer to prepare the detail shots.
  • Personal Touches: Consider adding personal touches such as fresh flowers, scented candles, or other sentimental items that hold special meaning to the bride and help create a calming and peaceful atmosphere.
bride getting ready in the bridal suite at koury farms

Take a tour of our wedding venue with a bridal suite

Learn more about our beautiful Bridal Villa here. Come take a tour of our one-of-a-kind 1200 sq ft Bridal villa that overlooks the vineyards. We can’t wait to meet you! BOOK A TOUR TODAY 

The bridal villa at Koury Farms Wedding Venue which features a bridal suite and a grooms suite
The Bridal Villa and Outdoor Pavilion at Koury Farms wedding venue

Bride with bridesmaids outside the bridal suite at Koury Farms wedding venue

June 9, 2023

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