Wedding Venues In North Georgia: Things to Consider When Choosing Your Space

Planning a wedding is no small task, and choosing a venue is probably one of the (if not the first) things you do. There are countless wedding venues in North Georgia and it can be difficult to choose between them all – we get it! So, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most important things to consider when choosing your space, so hopefully, it will help you narrow down your list of potentials!

1. Budget

This may seem obvious, but a lot of couples tend to tour venues that are WAY out of their budget. This can cause you to fall in love with somewhere that is not a reality and could even make you feel like you’re ‘settling’ with the one you do end up booking. Research wedding venues in North Georgia, request detailed pricing, or find their pricing on their website, and cross off the ones that are not within your budget – forget about them and move onto the ones that are suitable. 

Here at Koury Farms we love working with brides and our vendors to keep you within your designated budget.

2. Venue Size – Big & Small Wedding Venues in North Georgia

You may not have a full guest list for your wedding just yet, but pull together a rough number and make sure the Georgia wedding venues you’re considering have the capacity. This is relevant for having large numbers of guests as well as smaller numbers – you don’t want your guests to feel cramped and squeezed in, but you also don’t want guests to feel lost in a huge venue space that feels a bit empty with so few people in there. 

Here at Koury Farms we can comfortably seat 200 guests while also making smaller groups feel cozy.

Wedding reception set up a North Georgia Wedding Venues.

3. Location

Now, we know you’re looking for wedding venues in North Georgia, but think more specifically about the location and the accessibility of it. Is there plenty of parking available? Will your guests have to walk a long distance to get to the venue? Is there public transport available for people who don’t drive? Are there disabled facilities? (our venue is completely handicap friendly.) Is it in the absolute middle of nowhere that people are going to struggle to find? Consider these points when choosing your venue.

4. Wedding Theme

Are you dreaming of an elegant, grand wedding venue for your wedding? Are you both lovers of the outdoors and can imagine yourself getting married in a botanical garden or a marquee? Would you like a more rustic, old-world feel to your day and are considering barn wedding venues in North Georgia? The theme and aesthetic you’re imaging can help you narrow down a wedding venue pretty quickly. You’ll be able to tell almost instantaneously on a viewing if it’s in line with what you’re dreaming up for the day. 

Often plain white walls such as the ones here at Koury Farms allow more experimentation to decorate however you choose and any theme is possible!

5. Catering & Other Vendors

With everything that goes into choosing a wedding venue, it can sometimes be easy to forget some of the basic parts of the day – for example, your food! Find out from the venue what their catering arrangements are – is food included or do you need an external catering company to come in? Ask about the menu choices and how accommodating they are to dietary requirements. If you’re big foodies and are wanting to hire food trucks or have speciality meals served, the question about catering is an important one.

When it comes to other vendors for your North Georgia wedding, are there any restrictions? Do you have to work with their preferred vendors only or are you able to choose anyone you please? If you do have to work with their preferred vendors, make sure to get in touch with each of them to see if you’re happy with their style of work, what they offer, and how much they cost. Make sure to check they’re available on the date you’d like too!

Here at Koury Farms we not only allow food trucks but we also allow any licenced and insured caterer.

Wedding Ceremony Set up under a covered pavilion | North Georgia Wedding Venues.

6. Rain Plan – Outdoor & Indoor Wedding Venues in North Georgia

Ah, the weather… it’s completely out of your control. Yes, there are some months that will have less chance of rainfall and unpredictable storms, etc, but you should always always always have a Plan B. If the weather decides to not play ball on your big day, you need to make sure that you love the backup option and the inside space of the venue too. Make sure that you would be happy to be indoors or out, and that you plan for both. Check with your North Georgia wedding venue what their rain plan is, and their process around moving guests/things indoors. 

Thankfully we have the capability to host indoor and outdoor events – rain, no problem! We have a covered pavillion overlooking the vineyard that can seat 200 people.

7. Restrictions at Wedding Venues In North Georgia

Finally, make sure to ask about any restrictions the venue might have. For example, do they allow live music/bands to play? Are you allowed to have fireworks/sparklers? (we allow sparklers here!) Do they have a minimum rental period clause? Will you be allowed to stay over the night before to get ready there the morning of your wedding? 

The main piece of advice we would give is to make a list of non-negotiables that you have for your wedding venue BEFORE you go to see any of them. This allows you to go into a viewing with a clear vision of what you want, what you don’t want, and what you’re absolutely not willing to compromise on. 

Choosing your wedding venue is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make and is a key part of the planning process, so don’t rush into it, take your time, and enjoy the process!

If you are curious about the event spaces that Koury Farm’s has to offer, go ahead and book a tour today to come see for yourselves!


Things to consider when choosing your wedding venue
White barn wedding venue | North Georgia Wedding Venue

December 16, 2022

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